Winfield High School

Digital Citizenship: Parent Guide #1

Parents and Guardians,

I am writing a brief letter to let you know about a meaningful  opportunity we are providing for  students of Winfield High School.  A typical high school education our students receive today has probably changed drastically from the time that you and I were in school.  Today’s students are much more dependent upon technology that didn’t even exist ten years ago.

This increased use of technology has changed the way most students learn and it has also impacted  the way many of our teachers present lessons and information.  These new technologies can have many positive outcomes both in the classroom and in our personal lives.  Just like everything, in life sometimes things that are designed for good can also have negative repercussions.

To teach both the positive and negative impacts of technology we will be implementing  several lessons covering digital citizenship during your student’s CIA class at the end of the school day.  These lessons are designed to help students understand the positive attributes of technology and also warn them of negative consequences if not used properly.  The lessons are designed to create dialogue with their peers and their teachers.  There are a series of 5 lessons that will be taught between February and April.  Each of these lessons include a parent guide to open up parent-teen discussion at home.  The first of five parent guides is attached to this letter and available on the high school website.  

My hope is that as our students leave our high school they will have a greater knowledge and respect for the technology and how they can create a positive digital presence for their future.

Trenton Creeden


Winfield High School